Kurokenshi "The Black Swordsman"

Kurokenshi is a dual wielding powerhouse who would rather kill himself than let his party members die, vowing with a vengeance to protect them at all costs.


HP 48
Speed 6
Initiative +10

Ability Scores
STR 21 +7
CON 10 +2
DEX 15 +4
INT 10 +2
WIS 11 +2
CHA 8 +1

AC 17
Fort 20
Ref 18
Will 14

Acrobatics +9
Athletics +12
Nature +7
Perception +7
Stealth +9


Kurokenshi or as he’s named in the real world, Kurogane Kayaba, is a beta tester who is incredibly powerful at fighting, sometimes throwing himself into the battle with such fervor that it seems like he can’t see anything else. Although he does enjoy it quite a bit, Kurokenshi fights to be stronger to protect all those people he loves. The night before that fateful day the game had suddenly kept him from logging out, the mother of his girlfriend, Yui, had called his mother asking where she was, however Kurokenshi was right in front of his mother and had returned hours earlier, spending most of his time with her. In terror he biked back to the arcade where he played Glassedge Online, hoping to see her somewhere. Looking inside he saw her still inside the capsule although the store was closed. Security guards spotted him and told him to leave, so he ran off and the next day he realized they were eyeing him as entered the arcade. Not knowing what else to do he realized she could still be in the game so he entered hoping to find her and get her to log out. However when he entered he discovered two things: her location was nowhere on the map even though they had “friended” each other and neither he nor anyone else could log out. He now searches endlessly for Yui or Senkou as she goes in Glassedge Online, and will not tire until he finds her, his heart ready to burst every time he thinks of her. His skill with the blades are unmatched by any of his companions, however, Ambolt can take a lot more hits and is more of a weaponsmaster than Kurokenshi, having trained in various weapons that Kurokenshi refuses to pick up, along with this both Luna and Arianna are faster than Kurokenshi, however the former is much slower to action and the latter responds with ranged weapons and is not as quick to defend as Kurokenshi. Finally Greyheim and Noria are both better at talking to people, whereas their differences lie in Cassi’s ability to get anywhere and Greyheim’s extreme intelligence. Understanding early on that dying in the game also means death in real life, he has refuses to let any player die if he can help it. Watching the players around him die, he feels a strong sense of guilt, wishing against hope that he could have actually saved them and cursing himself for not having the power to do so. Carrying this weight on his shoulders as he first joins the players he begins to learn what it’s like to trust others, and himself, to do the job of protecting him and themselves.

Kurokenshi "The Black Swordsman"

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