Tag: Player Character


  • Kurokenshi "The Black Swordsman"

    Kurokenshi or as he's named in the real world, Kurogane Kayaba, is a beta tester who is incredibly powerful at fighting, sometimes throwing himself into the battle with such fervor that it seems like he can't see anything else. Although he does enjoy it …

  • Ambolt

    Ambolt, or "The Anvil" is aptly named. He is a force to be reckoned with. In the real world, he's known as Anders Norstrom, and is a student at an academy to become a highly trained military guard. In Sweden, these guards are highly sought after to guard …

  • Noria

    In the real world Noria is a 16 year old Scottish girl who gets good grades and sleeps a lot. In Glassedge Online, she is a thief who thrives on the thrill of sneaking and the risk of getting caught.