Feliksa is the painfully timid little sister of Ambolt, she gets scared easily in combat and often hid behind her brother's shield.


Feliksa, much like her namesake of “Fairy” is easily scared. Joining the game to escape the real world and the teasing that comes with it, she spent a lot of time inside GEO, even though her parents told her she was not allowed to play due to her young age. At only 12, her parents thought it best if she didn’t play such ruthless games. Closely guarded by her older brother, Ambolt, who is only playing the game at his parents’ request to keep an eye on Feliksa, she has learned a great deal about herself, especially her love for music. In the game, she has made it a goal to master every musical instrument inside. Feliksa has a hard time with criticism and teasing, and will easily break down into tears if insulted or mocked.



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