Ambolt. Don't cross this shield-weilding weaponsmaster, or you may end up in the hurt locker.


HP 55
Speed 5
Initiative +2

Ability Scores
STR 18 +6
CON 16 +5
DEX 10 +2
INT 10 +2
WIS 15 +4
CHA 8 +1

AC 23
Fort 20
Ref 16
Will 16

Athletics +7
Endurance +6
Intimidate +6
Streetwise +6


Ambolt, or “The Anvil” is aptly named. He is a force to be reckoned with. In the real world, he’s known as Anders Norstrom, and is a student at an academy to become a highly trained military guard. In Sweden, these guards are highly sought after to guard embassies and high value people, such as visiting Presidents or royalty. In the game, he follows a very strict moral code, and will stop at nothing to uphold it. It would probably be in your favor not to cross over into true corruption, or his domain, as he likes to call it, or you’ll be sorry. Ambolt does not like it when things are out of order, especially when it comes to right and wrong. Judge, Jury, and Executioner, Ambolt is not afraid to show others the error in their ways.

Arriving at home one day after another brutal day of training, Anders’ mom asked him to go to the arcade and get his sister. Anders walked to the arcade, where he spent much of his downtime with his sister, enjoying GEO, much to his surprise. Anya was in a capsule when Anders walked in, as usual. Anders got into a capsule, logged in, and started looking for his sister. his first stop was The Golden Flute, where Melody told Ambolt that she hadn’t seen Feliksa since the day before, and then tried to log out for dinner. Not being able to, Ambolt and Melody went to The Greasy Pig (On a Stick) and talked to Dieter. He too, was unable to log out, and looked up the location of a GM. Ambolt and Melody went to the DM, and on the way interrupted a PK’er from coercing a young boy into leading adventurers outside in order for him to kill. The DM could neither locate Feliksa, nor log out. Ambolt was displeased, and started inquiring about latest updates, and the GM told him that there was literally an update a few seconds ago, which only affected the GMs, which took away their access to the Admin Console. The GM left, and Ambolt talked to Melody about how he thought they may be stuck in the game until the “bug” is worked out.

Over the last 30 days, Ambolt has searched for Feliksa anywhere he can think of. He has also engulfed himself in his work, attempting to create incredibly strong weapons and armor. He has tried to inspire the people of GEO to follow a code of conduct, much like the laws of the real world, and has had some success among a few groups of people. Ambolt has tried to maintain order and discipline in the town, keeping PK’ers from using their luring technique that they tried to use on Sword Steel.


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