Glassedge Online

The Girl with the Silver Flute

Anders heads home from the academy at four in the afternoon in Sweden. As he’s heading home he contemplates the about his sister Anya and how much time she’s spent on GEO. He makes it home and talks to his mother who’s cooking dinner. He asks where Anya is and learns she’s still at the arcade playing GEO. He sighs and goes after her. On the way there he notices how strange it is that she wasn’t home for dinner, she usually is by that time. He enters Electronic Therapy the local arcade, and makes his way to the capsules. He notices Anya is in the same one she was yesterday, and then he reaizes that he hasn’t seen her since yesterday, although that’s normal because he usually heads home before she does. He watches a security guard for the arcade walk up to the capsule and push some buttons on the vitals screen, then walk away. He wears a set of glasses that look very rounded like a scientist, which is strange.

Anders enters the game and is immediately greeted by Ember his orange tabby who is a ball of mischief. He equips his weapons and armor and looks for his sister on the friends list but he can’t find her, as though she was logged out, which is really strange. He leaves and heads to Anya’s favorite shop, The Golden Flute. When he gets there he greets one of the two other friends on his friends list, Melody. He chats with her and asks if she’s seen Feliksa. She tells him she hasn’t seen her since yesterday when he came to get her. Feliksa had apparently told Melody that she was going to go home with Ambolt, but she had not returned with him. Melody goes to log out because she is hungry, but she finds the logout button is gone. Ambolt takes he next door to the restaurant: the Greasy Pig (On a Stick!) they eat and they speak with Dieter, a German player who cooks more than he battles. Dieter (also the Greasy Pig’s head chef) tells them he hasn’t seen Feliksa for two days, and then they explain that the game isn’t allowing them to log out. He checks and discovers he can’t either and gives them the idea of seeing the GM.

Melody and Ambolt leave the restaurant and Ambolt looks up and down alleyways as he walks. He looks down one path and sees a man threateningly standing in front of a small boy and holding out his hand gesturing and talking fast as though trying to convince the boy of something. Ambolt steps in and asks what’s going on. The man claims that Ambolt is interrupting his business, and Ambolt promptly punches the man in the face, however, the man actually doesn’t feel it, but he still gets pushed back several feet. The boy runs off and the man turns up his nose and says he’s leaving and Ambolt warns him that he’ll be sorry if he sees him out of town and the man looks back with a sneer and says “You’re the one who needs to be careful.” Melody chides Ambolt because apparently the man was a Pker, and the boy confirms this by explaining the man wanted the boy to lure a small party out of the town. Ambolt learns the boy’s name is Swordsteel and that he is a friend of Feliksa. He explains that he’d seen Feliksa that morning in an alleyway in GEO. The man was wearing round-rimmed glasses and a lab coat and it looked like Feliksa was missing her pupils, like characters in cartoons when they’re hypnotized.

The three go to the GM and as they speak with him explain the situation about the logout. The GM finds this incredibly strange and logs into an Admin Console. There he tries to find out about Feliksa and discovers her data is still within GEO confirming that she is still “logged in” but she is nowhere in the whole of the regular GEO world that he can find. Suddenly he is locked out of his Admin Console and his banner is changed to read “In Game GM.” He calls the head GM and then explains that no one world wide can get out, and with the exception of his normal GM stuff that he doesn’t need a console to access, he cannot use his GM Capabilities. He heads to HQ and Ambolt begins to search for his sister.



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