Glassedge Online

Trapped and searching

Evan walked down a Wisconsin road towards home after work while listening to his punk music. Before arriving however, he decided to go to the Arcade to level up his Warlord. He sees the regular bouncer/guard in front of the back room that is specifically for GEO and they exchange mutual ‘sups’ before he goes inside to get hooked up.

Once inside, Greyheim finds himself in the city Londorthon wandering around looking for things to buy so continue adventuring and leveling up. As he’s doing so, he overhears some other players talking about a rumor going on over the forums. They’re discussing logout buttons going missing and people getting stuck inside GEO. While Greyheim is talking to them, one notices that their logout option has vanished. Checking his own, he also sees that he cannot logout.

Suddenly he starts to worry about his girl friend who is just as addicted to the game as he is. Checking his friends list, he sees that she’s online but can’t find her location. Going to a GM, they use an Admin Console to try to find her. They see that she is indeed online, but her data is not showing up in the database. Suddenly, the GM’s banner changes to player mode and she is ejected from the console, no longer able to access it even with the admin codes.

Frustrated, Greyheim tries to find his girl friend on his own, trying the two pubs she frequents. The first is Not the Prancing Pony, he doesn’t see her at all nor any of his friends who might know. The second pub, The Golden Finch, holds better prospects. He finds his friend from the real world who tells him that he saw her with a man with glasses and a white lab coat. With this lead, he heads to the Greasy Pig (On a Stick!) to find anything about the strange man. There Dieter tells him of a big guy in armor with a female shopkeeper who was also looking for a lost character. Greyheim goes to find the armored player and figure out what the heck was going on and where his girl was and what the guy in the lab coat has to do with all of this.



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