Glassedge Online

Enter the Death Game

Luna walks through the Forest Langern near Londorthon. Her wolf d’Argento Sole pads along beside her. Looking about she sees a Dragonborn soldier standing off the road. She tries to get loser to it and it looks at her with menacing eyes. Intimidated she backs up into something large. She reaches back and feels, muscles, and cloth and glances up to see a large Dragonborn roaring in her face. It swings at her and shoves her towards the other dragonborn. As she feels herself being pushed a large figure with the icon Ambolt above his head shoves the monster aside with his tower shield and steps in between the two of them. Noria Stands to the side and watches for a moment before deciding what to do next. Greyheim rushes in closer to Luna and pulls out his Waraxe and shield. Arianna surveys the scene and sees two more soldiers hiding in the brush and puts an arrow in one of them. Kurokenshi charges in and slashes the final one knocking him out into the brush. As the battle ensues Greyheim and Kurokenshi take the first soldier, while Noria and Ambolt trade blows with the commandant, and Luna, Sole and Arianna lash out at anything near her cutting them all to ribbons. After the monsters are destroyed, the players look at each other and go over different things from each other’s past and Greyheim noticed that the dragonborn seemed to be guarding something. Greyheim finds a cave and the small group decide to party up before entering. As they enter the cave doors shut and orange gouts of flame erupt from the edges of the circular room. A young Red Dragon stands at the center surrounded by fie Kobolds. There is little cover in the room at all. Reacting swiftly to the danger, Kurokenshi moves first and slashes the dragon hard with his two swords. the dragon breathes fire onto the players then flies over and lands behind Greyheim and tries to claw him but misses. Luna charges the dragon and stabs it multiple times with her rapier and her wolf drags it to the ground by its throat. Arianna pierces it with an arrow and Ambolt slugs it. The kobolds slash out at Noria catching her in the ribs and then at Greyheim whom blocks their attacks. Greyheim strengthens the players resolves and smashes into the dragon, and as he does the dragon roars out another burst of flame, earning an arrow strike from Arianna and another smash from Greyheim’s hammer. Noria uses a second wind and moves away from the dragon. Kurokenshi looks over to Ambolt and taps is arm as if to indicate his shield. As Ambolt lifts his shield Kurokenshi charges it and uses the shield as a spring to land on the dragon’s face and embed his swords in its face. The dragon screams and stands back up and bites into Ambolt’s shoulder allowing Greyheim to smash it. Arianna drew her greatbow back and lanced an arrow straight through the dragon’s skull destroying it, causing Kurokenshi to fall to the ground. Luna and her wolf tear down a Kobold, and Arianna puts an arrow in another. Ambolt smashes one, and then as one smacks Greyheim Ambolt puts his shield into its face. Greyheim looks at the last one and asks who wants to charge it. Kurokenshi and Ambolt are only too happy to oblige. The kobold doens’t last long under the onslaught of weapons. A large congratulations sign appears over their heads and Greyheim recieves a Red Dragon Tail along with the appropriate 948 Xp and 91 Gold. Kurokenshi turns to leave saying he doesn’t have time to stick around, he has to sav someone. But this earns a comment from Noria, who exclaims that she has one missing as well. After a talking about how the GM’s couldn’t find the missing players but knew they were in the game, Ambolt speaks up and says he also is missing someone which earns a cacophony of remarks from the group, and Ambolt reminds them that they can’t log out either. Kurokenshi offers if they should party up, even though he hates it since he’s a solo player. The group becomes one party.

Trapped and searching

Evan walked down a Wisconsin road towards home after work while listening to his punk music. Before arriving however, he decided to go to the Arcade to level up his Warlord. He sees the regular bouncer/guard in front of the back room that is specifically for GEO and they exchange mutual ‘sups’ before he goes inside to get hooked up.

Once inside, Greyheim finds himself in the city Londorthon wandering around looking for things to buy so continue adventuring and leveling up. As he’s doing so, he overhears some other players talking about a rumor going on over the forums. They’re discussing logout buttons going missing and people getting stuck inside GEO. While Greyheim is talking to them, one notices that their logout option has vanished. Checking his own, he also sees that he cannot logout.

Suddenly he starts to worry about his girl friend who is just as addicted to the game as he is. Checking his friends list, he sees that she’s online but can’t find her location. Going to a GM, they use an Admin Console to try to find her. They see that she is indeed online, but her data is not showing up in the database. Suddenly, the GM’s banner changes to player mode and she is ejected from the console, no longer able to access it even with the admin codes.

Frustrated, Greyheim tries to find his girl friend on his own, trying the two pubs she frequents. The first is Not the Prancing Pony, he doesn’t see her at all nor any of his friends who might know. The second pub, The Golden Finch, holds better prospects. He finds his friend from the real world who tells him that he saw her with a man with glasses and a white lab coat. With this lead, he heads to the Greasy Pig (On a Stick!) to find anything about the strange man. There Dieter tells him of a big guy in armor with a female shopkeeper who was also looking for a lost character. Greyheim goes to find the armored player and figure out what the heck was going on and where his girl was and what the guy in the lab coat has to do with all of this.

The Girl with the Silver Flute

Anders heads home from the academy at four in the afternoon in Sweden. As he’s heading home he contemplates the about his sister Anya and how much time she’s spent on GEO. He makes it home and talks to his mother who’s cooking dinner. He asks where Anya is and learns she’s still at the arcade playing GEO. He sighs and goes after her. On the way there he notices how strange it is that she wasn’t home for dinner, she usually is by that time. He enters Electronic Therapy the local arcade, and makes his way to the capsules. He notices Anya is in the same one she was yesterday, and then he reaizes that he hasn’t seen her since yesterday, although that’s normal because he usually heads home before she does. He watches a security guard for the arcade walk up to the capsule and push some buttons on the vitals screen, then walk away. He wears a set of glasses that look very rounded like a scientist, which is strange.

Anders enters the game and is immediately greeted by Ember his orange tabby who is a ball of mischief. He equips his weapons and armor and looks for his sister on the friends list but he can’t find her, as though she was logged out, which is really strange. He leaves and heads to Anya’s favorite shop, The Golden Flute. When he gets there he greets one of the two other friends on his friends list, Melody. He chats with her and asks if she’s seen Feliksa. She tells him she hasn’t seen her since yesterday when he came to get her. Feliksa had apparently told Melody that she was going to go home with Ambolt, but she had not returned with him. Melody goes to log out because she is hungry, but she finds the logout button is gone. Ambolt takes he next door to the restaurant: the Greasy Pig (On a Stick!) they eat and they speak with Dieter, a German player who cooks more than he battles. Dieter (also the Greasy Pig’s head chef) tells them he hasn’t seen Feliksa for two days, and then they explain that the game isn’t allowing them to log out. He checks and discovers he can’t either and gives them the idea of seeing the GM.

Melody and Ambolt leave the restaurant and Ambolt looks up and down alleyways as he walks. He looks down one path and sees a man threateningly standing in front of a small boy and holding out his hand gesturing and talking fast as though trying to convince the boy of something. Ambolt steps in and asks what’s going on. The man claims that Ambolt is interrupting his business, and Ambolt promptly punches the man in the face, however, the man actually doesn’t feel it, but he still gets pushed back several feet. The boy runs off and the man turns up his nose and says he’s leaving and Ambolt warns him that he’ll be sorry if he sees him out of town and the man looks back with a sneer and says “You’re the one who needs to be careful.” Melody chides Ambolt because apparently the man was a Pker, and the boy confirms this by explaining the man wanted the boy to lure a small party out of the town. Ambolt learns the boy’s name is Swordsteel and that he is a friend of Feliksa. He explains that he’d seen Feliksa that morning in an alleyway in GEO. The man was wearing round-rimmed glasses and a lab coat and it looked like Feliksa was missing her pupils, like characters in cartoons when they’re hypnotized.

The three go to the GM and as they speak with him explain the situation about the logout. The GM finds this incredibly strange and logs into an Admin Console. There he tries to find out about Feliksa and discovers her data is still within GEO confirming that she is still “logged in” but she is nowhere in the whole of the regular GEO world that he can find. Suddenly he is locked out of his Admin Console and his banner is changed to read “In Game GM.” He calls the head GM and then explains that no one world wide can get out, and with the exception of his normal GM stuff that he doesn’t need a console to access, he cannot use his GM Capabilities. He heads to HQ and Ambolt begins to search for his sister.


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